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"Thank you for all the help you gave me. It really turned the whole process from something overwhelming into something much more manageable."

Marcus / North Carolina

"Working with Sarah lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. Neither of my parents went to school in the United States, so we were all virtually clueless about the entire college application process. She is super reliable and always goes the extra mile when researching schools, locating resources, editing essays, etc., and made the entire process very straightforward for me. With her help, I ended up at the engineering school of the University of Southern California as a Presidential Scholar, so I most definitely recommend!"

Hannah / North Carolina

"Sarah took my son's essay from good to great. He had already worked hard to perfect each nuance and to show not tell, and had sought feedback from peers and his high school advisor. Sarah was able to identify the subtle yet crucial link that filled in the reader’s understanding. Her working style with my student was collaborative and impactful."

Parent of Alexander / Colorado 

"Sarah’s expertise, willingness to help, and kindness were the perfect mixture to perfect my college application. From our first session, she encouraged me and got to know me so the process of writing and editing could be less complex. Overall, working with her was integral to my success in the college admissions process. Having someone there to guide me was especially important as a first-generation college student. Sarah has been a pleasure to work with, and I can confirm that without her help my acceptance to Columbia University would have been much more difficult."

Alejandra / Florida 

"Honestly, I'm not sure I would be where I am today, confident and happy with my college journey, without Sarah's help. As a first-generation student, I knew very little about a lot of things, and I had no one to guide me. After meeting with Sarah several times, I gained a greater sense of confidence regarding what I was looking for in a college. This is due to both her research skills and her personality. When she made her list of schools that she thought were a good fit for me, she told me more than just the statistics and was often able to connect me with current students. Aside from being an excellent college mentor, she was also a great friend. Whether my problems were related to college or not, she was always there to provide comfort and guidance. Whenever I was stressed, her enthusiasm and support helped me to get through those times."

Roz / Tennessee 

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